Bible talks

Heavenly Father, your word is so good for us to hear. It exposes our great need of a saviour and points us squarely at Christ. Thank you that we can encourage each other with the good news of Christ week by week as we meet together for the Bible talks. Please help us to see… Read more Bible talks

Your holiness

Almighty God, how holy you are! You are clothed in impenetrable light, vastly beyond us and awesome, utterly pure and righteous. You graciously made us your beloved children and gave us every good gift, and yet we turned our back on you and walked our own dark path of sin, embracing darkness and reaping death.… Read more Your holiness

Atherton next week

Heavenly Father, thank you for the partnership in the gospel that we can have with the Atherton church. Thank you for the way that the gospel has taken root and grown on the tablelands throughout the years. Thank you for the great encouragement it is to join in with brothers and sisters in Christ and… Read more Atherton next week

John 14, home

Lord Jesus, thank you that you are present with us always through your Spirit. Thank you that we have not been left as orphans but always have your advocate, helper, comforter, with us forever. Thank you that you are preparing a home for us and will one day usher us to it personally. Please help… Read more John 14, home

Remembering Christ

Heavenly Father, we are sorry for the times when we forget how good and gracious you have been to us through Christ. Please help us to keep reminding ourselves of the love you have poured out on us through Jesus’s death and resurrection. Thank you that he gave himself for us at such great cost.… Read more Remembering Christ