Have mercy

Oh Lord God, we cry out to you for mercy. We need your mercy because we are broken sinners. We are natural rebels, instinctively proud and willful; inherently against you and happily forgetful of you. Before we can even express or act out our opposition to you we are set against you. We face wrath.… Read more Have mercy

Romans 12:1-2

Heavenly Father, you have renewed our minds in Christ, please transform us by this. As you do this, may we see more and more, your good plans for us. May we long for the carrying out of your will in our lives, that we might be made more like Christ. Help us to offer ourselves… Read more Romans 12:1-2

Help us to listen

Gracious Lord, please help us to hear your word and listen to it. Please break down all pride that rears its head in our hearts, and pay careful attention to your word and our walk. May we serve you whole-heartedly and not drift into self-centredness or apathy. May we long to see you transform every… Read more Help us to listen

Prayerful group

Heavenly Father, please help us as a group to pray. Please stir our hearts to long for the gospel to bloom in our hearts and be known throughout our campus. May we, over and over, call out to you to bring about what you have promised. May your kingdom come and your will be done… Read more Prayerful group