At Mid Year Camp

Father thank you for the love that has been shown among the students at mid year camp. Please grow that even more as we look to you as the God who is love and as we see that love given to us in Christ. May patience and kindness overcome shortness as tiredness increases. Keep us… Read more At Mid Year Camp

Mid Year Camp

Heavenly Father, please shape us during Mid Year Camp through your word, by your Spirit. Please strengthen Peter to preach boldly and faithfully. May we be eager to hear and ready to respond. Help the students to make the most of the time in small groups studying the Bible. May they work together well, encouraging… Read more Mid Year Camp


Father, please help us to be a group who invests in training for the sake of the gospel. Help us to think beyond our present circumstances to the future, and consider how we can be equipped to face it. May we be people who work towards godliness and prepare for character change. May we pass… Read more Training


Heavenly Father, please shape us into a group of people who always looks to encourage. May we often come alongside each other and speak words that build up. Make our conversations rich in your word and motivated by the gospel. Help us to welcome correction and rebuke knowing that we will often need it, and… Read more Encouragement

Psalm 119: Pe

Lord, we ask that you would open our eyes to the wonder and beauty of your testimonies. Unfold your word to us that we may have understanding as to our own hearts and your exceedingly good nature. Help us to feel and know our deficiencies and your incredible sufficiency such that we long and pant… Read more Psalm 119: Pe


Heavenly Father, please keep us forgiving. Spare us from the need to do so by shaping us more and more in the likeness of Christ but always keep us ready to forgive. Help us to rejoice in repentance, running quickly to it ourselves. Ever remind us of the mercy that you have shown to us… Read more Forgiveness

Mature us

Lord, we ask that you will bring about growth for our group at JCU. We ask that you will make us mature in Christ. Keep us listening to the gospel that Jesus is Lord, our saviour and our sovereign. Make our hearts ready to respond to all warnings and teachings that flow from this gospel.… Read more Mature us

Dependant on you

Heavenly Father, we ask that you keep dealing with your people according to your steadfast love. We look to you to pour out your grace upon us and to spare us from the wrath that we have earned. You are good and do good but we invariably fall short because we sin and are sinners.… Read more Dependant on you