Refresh us

Gracious Lord, please refresh us again through your word. Your word gives us life and so we come to it again and again to drink from this fountain. Through it we are washed clean with your forgiveness; we are restored with your peace; we are rebuked when we wander; we are comforted when we are… Read more Refresh us


Heavenly Father, please keep us enduring to the end. We are weak and battered by sin and need your continuing grace that we might stand firm in Christ. As always, Lord, we cast ourselves on you to bring about what we need. We rejoice in Christ our saviour who is able to hold us to… Read more Enduring

Keep working in us

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity to gather together with the students for dinner and to preach. Please keep working by your Holy Spirit to shape our hearts for your glory. May we be simultaneously be blown away in awe of your holiness and majesty, and drawn in by your goodness and love. Strengthen… Read more Keep working in us

Bible talk dinner

Heavenly Father, please work through your word tonight at the CU dinner. May the evening be encouraging for us all as we spend time together and hear your word. Remind us of your glory and holiness and draw us in again to your goodness and faithfulness. Please reshape our lives around you that we may… Read more Bible talk dinner


Heavenly Father, keep me groaning for the fulfilment of your promises. May we look at our own lives and the nature of the world around us and groan at its brokenness and the blight of sin that covers it or bubbles up out of us. Help us to confront sin rather than conceal it that… Read more Groaning