Gospel motivation

Father, please keep me motivated by the gospel. Open my eyes to the dreadfulness of sin and spur me on to proclaim the salvation that is only found in Christ. Remind me of the terrible consequences and punishment of sin and expands my thankfulness for all that Christ has done. May it fill me with… Read more Gospel motivation


Heavenly Father, we ask that you comfort the Wills family and our brothers and sisters at The Good Shepherd church. Help them to look to Christ and all that he has done for us and find great hope. May they rest confidently in the knowledge that the mortal will put on immortality, that death will… Read more Comfort

Camp preparations

Heavenly Father, I ask that mid year camp will be a time of growth and challenge. Help us to see the wonder of your character and nature, and rejoice in your works of salvation. I ask that you will give us patience and diligence as we prepare materials for the students to explore and that… Read more Camp preparations

Kingdom labour

Father, thank you that fruitfulness in people is not generated by me. Help me to keep hoping in and looking forward to the fruitfulness of your kingdom, even though I don’t know how it sprouts or have control over its growth. Keep me sowing the seed of your word and harvesting the fruit that follows.… Read more Kingdom labour

Family needs

Gracious Father, please provide our family with patience, love and self control as we bring up our children. Help us to see our own weaknesses more readily than we see those of others and quickly turn to you for forgiveness and strength. Fill our minds with the steadfast love that you faithfully pour out on… Read more Family needs