From NTE

Here’s what our national director Richard Chin has been praying for NTE, and what I continue to echo for our students and myself. Heavenly Father, thank you for the glorious gospel concerning your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Please open our eyes to the gravity of Christ’s glory as we continue to bathe in the… Read more From NTE

Strand groups

Heavenly Father, please sustain the students as they work hard exploring the depths of your word. Please work by your Spirit to help them see the treasure that is Christ. Help it to sink into their hearts and transform them. Please give them insight to see the implications of your word for us and those… Read more Strand groups

Thanks for NTE

Heavenly Father, thank you for the 300 students that have been able to come along to NTE in Queensland. We are so thankful that we can even hold an event like this, that you have brought circumstances about to have safe gatherings of this size, that you have provided a team of organisers able to… Read more Thanks for NTE