Bible talk close

Heavenly Father, thank you for the Bible talk that the students were able to hold while I was away. Thank you for the students who have been coming along throughout this semester, eager to listen to God’s word together. Thank you for the training that students have received at NTE that has helped to equip… Read more Bible talk close

While sick

Father of life, please help us in sickness to remember your great mercy. As we feel the affects of sickness help us to remember the affects of sin. That all the brokenness that we see in and around us has come about through our rejection of you. Thank you for pursuing us though we were… Read more While sick


Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity we had last week to hold our AGM. May it be an encouragement to those who were there, that we could meet together, united around the the message of Jesus. Thank you for the decisions that were made that will help ensure our group will function well throughout… Read more AGM