Hunger to serve

Heavenly Father, please stir up in us a hunger to serve you. Fill up our thoughts and satisfy us with your love poured out through Christ. Help us to see Christ and his work afresh and cause us to overflow with joy and gratitude. May this overflow to those around us, giving of ourselves to… Read more Hunger to serve

Faith to pray

Heavenly Father, please instil in us a deep trust in you that flourishes into faithful prayer. May we see our weakness and sin and cry out to you to transform us through Christ by the power of your Spirit. Help us not to be distracted by any prosperity or abundance but know that these are… Read more Faith to pray

Mark 14

Heavenly Father, thank you that Christ is faithful even though in our nature we are prone to deny him and flee when adversity strikes. Thank you that even in the midst of abandonment and betrayal, Jesus was completely in control and steadfastly walked the path you had set before him. Thank you that Christ walked… Read more Mark 14

Your word to work

Heavenly Father, please bring home the truth of your word to tired minds. Please help the students to hear and be encouraged by your great salvation in the face of multiple online meetings and assignments to do. May they rejoice in Christ though my pointing to him may be limited and feeble. Help them to… Read more Your word to work

Your word

Lord of the harvest, your word is still being scattered, please soften our hearts that we may receive it with joy and grow, bearing fruit. May we thrive in your love, and not be swept away, giving our worship and adoration to other things. May we know your goodness and draw near to you. Help… Read more Your word

Bible study today

Heavenly Father, please open our eyes to Christ as we dig into your word again today. May your word warn us and encourage us today. Help us to see the hope that we have in Christ, that reshapes the way we face even very difficult circumstances of life. Keep us looking forward to the day… Read more Bible study today

Satisfied in you

Almighty God, please help us to know you truly as we open your word. Help us to marvel at your character for there are often many other things that flood our thoughts and hearts, leaving us underwhelmed and frustrated with life. We mull over the difficulties of life, or obsess over lesser loves though you… Read more Satisfied in you


Heavenly Father, please give us patience as we stumble through life together. Fill our thoughts with your goodness, fix our hearts on the hope of Christ. May this wash over us and drive out selfishness and grumpiness. May we put on the character of Christ day by day, and long to see him face to… Read more Patience