1 Peter 1:8

Heavenly Father, though we have not seen Jesus face to face, please help us to know him truly. Help us to hear your word to us and know how desperately we needed to be lifted up out of the bog of our sin. Fan up our love for Christ as we see how completely he… Read more 1 Peter 1:8

Rest amidst exams

Heavenly Father, please help our students to find rest in you, delighting in your awesome character and wonderful works. May they know the inherent value that you have given them as people made in your image, and not be consumed by the approval of others. Please help them to work diligently in their study in… Read more Rest amidst exams

Prep for NTE

Heavenly Father, please work in us as we prepare material for the training event in December. As we think about how to help the students engage well with your word, please be engaging our own hearts too. Help us to behold your glory and see the wonder of your salvation in Christ. Fill us with… Read more Prep for NTE

National unity

Heavenly Father, thank you that though we feel far away from other groups like ours, we are united in the gospel and are partners together in your work. Thank you that we have been made your people through Christ and that no barrier separates us. Help us to draw encouragement from seeing you at work… Read more National unity

New exec

Heavenly Father, thank you for the students who are now serving as our new executive for the group. Please be working in them for your glory. May you shape their character so that they love what you love; may they long to see people find mercy and life in Christ; make them patient and eager,… Read more New exec

AGM today

Heavenly Father, thank you for the students that have joined in with our group this year. Thank you for those who are keen to serve as the executive team. Please help them to be able to work together well and lead our group as we proclaim Jesus Christ at JCU. May we be encouraged and… Read more AGM today