This Sunday

Gracious Father, you have poured out your kindness and love on us through Jesus, showing it to us through the cross where your wrath was drained to the dregs and your life was born in us through Christ. Lord we are yours, please continue to make us so. May we serve your Son with gladness,… Read more This Sunday

Your justice

Heavenly Father, we thank you that you are the just judge and that you will not let terrible things go unpunished. Thank you that, though we may see evil and wickedness poured out seemingly without retribution, we can trust in you and know that this is not the final word. Lord we long for you… Read more Your justice

Knowing weakness

Heavenly Father, please help us to truly see our weakness. Help us to see that we are utterly dependent on you for everything. We have no good to offer from our own hearts but have been broken and marked by sin from the very beginning. We have no strength to muster to drag ourselves to… Read more Knowing weakness

Christ alone

Heavenly Father, please help us to remember that Christ alone is all we need for peace with you. We can have confidence in no other thing. So often we can subtly shift unwarranted significance onto things that cannot save. Often a sense of success in life or ministry can rise up in our hearts as… Read more Christ alone