Group forming

Heavenly Father, thank you that you continue to bring about your kingdom through your word as your people are sent and speak the gospel. Thank you that we can partner in this task while at uni, please give us a mindset that desires to see this happen. Please provide all that we need to become… Read more Group forming

Market day

Heavenly Father, thank you that you have not left us in sin but have graciously pursued us and saved us. Help us as a group today to live and speak in light of this great reality in our life. May many students come to know you as our rescuer and gracious father. Please help us… Read more Market day

Isaiah 35

Our great God, you have revealed your glory to us through the Lord Jesus. We gaze upon him, full of grace and truth, and we rejoice. Lord, strengthen our weak hands, steady our knees, and give us courage in the face of our weakness. You have judged sin through Christ, and you have saved us!… Read more Isaiah 35

Work among us

Heavenly Father, please work in and through the students here at Cairns. May you fill them with the knowledge of you, that they may revel in your glory and seek to make you known. May they see Christ all the more clearly, making much of him while they are here. May we rejoice together in… Read more Work among us