Your faithful promise

Lord of all creation, you have committed yourself to failing and sinning humanity. Help us to see your utter faithfulness, to realise what it means for you to have intentionally stepped into our mess and given us your faithful word. May we feel the weight of our sin, how we had struck out from you in proud independence, and revel in the enormity of your grace, how you stepped in and spoke. You made a faithful promise that we might be welcomed back in as dearly loved children. Lord, we own up to the fact that we had rejected your good plans and replaced them for our own miniature and self-seeking endeavours, but you have given us hope in your faithful word. You have said you will save and restore us, so we hold on to that in faith. Please capture our hearts with your glory and your good plans: to bring about your kingdom; to rescue a faltering humanity; to bless the nations through your chosen one. Lord, we have seen the fullness of these plans in our Lord Jesus! He is our great saviour from sin; he is your faithful Word made flesh for us; he is your good blessing to all the world. Help us to cling to him as our greatest need and greatest desire. 


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