First steps

Our Creator and Father, you have made and fashioned us and so we ask that you keep working in us, giving us understanding to walk in the way of your commandments. Please do this for us at JCU and beyond. May our hope be so evidently in your word that others around us see and… Read more First steps


Lord please increase my love for those who are perishing. Help me to see again the disaster of sin and the surpassing beauty of life in Christ. May you give me opportunities to declare the mysteries of Christ and lead others in this also. Help me to walk in wisdom, with gracious words as though… Read more Opportunities

Ps 119: Teth

Father, you are good and do good, so please teach us your statutes. We have been made your children and are like you through the work of Christ. Remove our pride so that we grow through your fatherly corrections; soften our hearts so that we are not oblivious to them, but instead delight in your… Read more Ps 119: Teth

Faithful love

Lord, the earth is full of your steadfast love. Wherever we are we can be confident of your promise of mercy and grace in Christ. Across the earth your people look to your faithful promise. Help us today at Kick Off camp to hear again of your mercies to all people and be drawn into… Read more Faithful love

Calibrate our values

Lord, may our longing be for the inheritance that you have given to us. Cause us to be utterly dissatisfied with the futile securities that we might build for ourselves. Lord, you are our portion, our hope is in your faithful, steadfast love. May we mine deeply the treasures of this committed relationship that you… Read more Calibrate our values