Great rescuer

Heavenly Father, so often we ignore the dreadfulness of sin. Father, please forgive us for calling good what you have said is evil and what we ultimately see only brings us brokenness and and death. Lord when we see our sin for what it is we cannot help but feel trapped and helpless. How often… Read more Great rescuer

Ps 84

Lord of armies, please stir up our hearts to know you as the living God. Help us to repent and turn away from the dead gods of our own making that we have scrapped together from your own beautiful creation. May our hearts instead lean in to you, the one who has given us all… Read more Ps 84

Your mercy

Heavenly Father, we are ever in need of your mercy. Left to our own selves we drift away from what is good and right and begin to construct for ourselves gods that are worthless idols. Father please forgive us for our folly and pour out your mercy upon us again. Father, thank you that we… Read more Your mercy