Displaying hope

Heavenly Father, we have such an anchor in Christ. We rejoice in his wonderful salvation and look forward to the complete restoration of ourselves when he takes us to be with him. Father please strengthen our hope and build up our character as we struggle now with various trials and suffering. Please keep our eyes… Read more Displaying hope

MYC prep

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity that we will have to spend a week together at Mid-year Camp basking in the hope that we in Christ. Please help us to prepare the teaching material well, that we will be able to lead the students to know Jesus more and more. We ask that the… Read more MYC prep


Heavenly Father, thank you for the great comfort we have in knowing you. You shift our perspective from our own small horizons to your greatness. We are so often troubled by worries and uncertainty, but you have been our dwelling place – a sure foundation from before the mountains were born. Lord help us to… Read more Peace


Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity that our students have to study here at JCU. Thank you for all that they have been able to learn over this semester about your good world and we ask that you will spur them on to use this learning to bring you glory. May they grow in… Read more Swotvac

Keep us growing

Heavenly Father, thank you for the way you have been encouraging us and strengthening us through your word this semester at uni. Please keep working through every interaction we have to keep us growing in Christ. May our conversation be filled with reminders of his grace to us. Help us to keep longing for you… Read more Keep us growing

Mark drama cast

Heavenly Father, please provide for us the people we need to cast the Mark Drama. Thank you for the encouragement from all those who are excited to present the gospel here at Cairns. Please equip those who have already volunteered to be able to memorise well and that you might transform their hearts into the… Read more Mark drama cast

Mark Drama

Heavenly Father, thank you for giving us your word and the way we can see the gospel of Christ in it. Thank you too for the opportunities we have to share that with others. We ask that we might be able to run the Mark Drama at JCU and give many more the opportunity to… Read more Mark Drama

Galatians 6

Heavenly Father, please help us not to grow weary of doing good. Spur us on instead to invest into heavenly things – to pour our efforts into the things of your Spirit that we might reap the reward of your Spirit’s work in us. May we be on the lookout for every opportunity to do… Read more Galatians 6