Mark 4, compassion

Heavenly Father, without you we are sheep without a shepherd, aimlessly, anxiously wandering in circles. Father, thank you that Christ had compassion and cared for those wanderers before him, that he took pity on them and taught them about your kingdom. Lord, may that fuel us to seek him all the more, to run ahead… Read more Mark 4, compassion

Mid-week meeting

Heavenly Father, thank you for the common lunch hour that we get to be a part of on Wednesday. Thank you that the Student Association wants to have different clubs participating in this time. Thank you also for the plan to start a mid week Bible meeting straight after this. Please help us to make… Read more Mid-week meeting

Bible talk 1

Heavenly Father, thank you that you shape people through your word. As we meet together Tuesday night night, please encourage us and challenge us as we listen to John 2. We pray too, that you will work in the hearts of students who are new to Jesus. Please help them to see what it looks… Read more Bible talk 1

Mark Drama

Heavenly Father, thank you for the great opportunity that we have to help people see Jesus through the Mark Drama. We ask that as we we will be able to make it happen this Easter. We ask that you will provide the cast that we still need. We pray that if we do end up… Read more Mark Drama