Student leaders

Heavenly Father, thank you for the student leaders that we have, and their willingness to serve our group this year. Please grow us together in unity under Christ. Please keep our hearts rejoicing in the gospel together, may it flow into all that we seek to do this year. As we fellowship together, help us… Read more Student leaders


Heavenly Father, how boldly we approach your throne. We know our sins weakness, we fail to live as you have commanded, and yet we come to you for we trust in Christ. We rejoice in him, our true saviour who carried all our sins to hell, who cast them away from us as far as… Read more Forgiveness

Stooping down

Heavenly Father, we marvel at the wonder of Christmas, that you, the king of heaven would stoop down to us. We rejoice Lord, that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Thank you for sending your Son into the world for us and our salvation. We are so desperately in need of your redeeming… Read more Stooping down


Father, thank you for the health that you graciously give us. Please help us to keep looking to you for every need. Thank you that in times of sickness and need we are reminded of our complete dependence on you. Please grow our prayerfulness and our longing for all your goodness.


Father in Heaven, please send us out with your gospel. Having spent this week soaking in your word, please now let it soak into our fat to day lives. We marvel at the way you have made and redeemed us to be your people. May this shape us from the heart and drive us on… Read more NTE 5


Lord of creation, thank you for making us in your image. We rejoice at the dignity that you have imbedded in us and the way we can reflect your creativity care and love. We are sorry for the way we have abandoned you, our creator and Lord, and have marred your good world with the… Read more NTE 4


Gracious Lord, we praise you for making us in your image. We delight and revel in this wonderful dignity that you have given to all people. But thank you above all for Christ who came as the ultimate image of you, and in doing so, reconciled broken and sinful creation to yourself. Please stamp upon… Read more NTE 3


Heavenly Father, please help us to be trained in the gospel. As we meet over this week in strand groups, please equip us to know and tell your gospel well. Please open our eyes to behold wondrous things in your word. We need your Spirit to work in us to know you truly and to… Read more NTE 2