Your provision

Heavenly Father, thank you for your provision of skilled doctors and intricate tools. Thank you for the way that you have restored health to Harv. Lord, please bring about a full rest and recovery. Lord, thank you too, for the provision of your church family who stand alongside us in times of difficulty and provide… Read more Your provision

New creation

Heavenly father, it is so good to be made as your creatures, in your image. Every good thing that we enjoy has come from you. We were made to delight in you as our heavenly Father, yet we spurned your love and walked our paths of darkness. Lord, we grieve our sin and the brokenness… Read more New creation

Given honour

Heavenly Father, we were dead in our sins, limping through life, crippled in our ability to live out your good ways. We were alienated and opposed to you, but you sought us out, and welcomed us in. You poured out your grace on us in great abundance. Father, thank you that you have brought us… Read more Given honour

MYC prep

Heavenly Father, as the students buckle down into their exams, please help us as a staff team to prepare well for Mid Year Camp. Please help us to rightly handle the word of truth, being faithful to the text and clear for those who come along. As we work on talks and seminars please help… Read more MYC prep

Your word to kids

Heavenly Father, thank you for the children that you bring into our lives that we get to speak to about you. Thank you that all any of us need is to trust you like a little child, trusts their father. Please help us who teach these little ones to help them see your word clearly.… Read more Your word to kids

Chasing your kingdom

Heavenly Father, thank you that though you are the awesome and holy God, you have made us your children through Christ Jesus. Your goodness and grace to us has reshaped our hopes, our hearts, and our affections, and so we pray that your kingdom may come, your will be done, may you be glorified through… Read more Chasing your kingdom

Ice creams

Heavenly Father, thank you for the ongoing interactions that we can have with students during the study week. Thank you for all the people we have been able to meet through our ice cream give aways this week. Please bring about fruit from our presence there. May more people be aware of our group and… Read more Ice creams

Christ who fulfils

Almighty God, you are utterly holy and beyond us; you are clothed in unapproachable light; your glory leaves us fallen far short. Only perfect righteousness can bring us into your presence, and we have only to glance at our lives and see that we sin in so many ways. So we praise and thank you… Read more Christ who fulfils