More patience

Gracious Lord, please grant us more and more patience. We need your work in our hearts to bring this about. Keep us turning to you when we are frustrated. Help us to see you as the Lord of all, who is sovereign and caring, who brings about your good plans. Help us to be swept… Read more More patience

Staff conference

Over the last three days, the senior staff of AFES have been gathering together for our annual conference (online this year). Every day, Peter Adam has lead us through this prayer from 2 Timothy – a prayer to echo through my lifetime. Here’s part A: Dear Heavenly Father, please help me to fan into flames… Read more Staff conference

Your continuing love

Heavenly Father, thank you that your steadfast love endures forever. We marvel that you do not simply relate to us, but that you have so graciously and faithfully committed yourself to us. Lord, we marvel all the more knowing that we have been week and failing from the beginning. Please keep pouring out your faithful… Read more Your continuing love

Gospel life

Heavenly Father, please help us to see the shape of life as it was before Christ. Help us to recognise the marring and blighting of sin in the way we once lived. Lord, may we be glad to lose this life and find ourselves saved in the life of Christ. Please help our students see… Read more Gospel life

Ps 119: Beth

Heavenly Father, we are so prone to wander away from you way, so plant your word deep in us so that it may guard our hearts. May we store it up, filling our minds with it; listening to it preached and read; poring over it and soaking it up. Lord we rejoice and delight in… Read more Ps 119: Beth