Psalm 130

Heavenly Father, our hope is in you alone. When we see our sin and failures we recognise their murkiness like the darkest of nights. Lord, we look to you, we wait, we long for the shadows to fade away, but without you we are in the darkest, most insurmountable pit. Father, thank you for the… Read more Psalm 130

Our Father

Oh Lord, thank you that we can call you our Father. We are mere creatures of you our holy and infinite maker, and yet you relate to us in faithful love, with the intimacy and care of a father. How good this is, and yet we had thrown your love in your face and treated… Read more Our Father

Romans 15

Heavenly Father, please help us to live out the incredible role that you have given us to be priests in your kingdom. May we be ambitious to bring those who are far off to come near to you by sharing the gospel of your great forgiveness in Christ. Help us to set our eyes always… Read more Romans 15

Psalm 108

Heavenly Father, please stir up in us praise for your great salvation. Help us to see your steadfast love to us and your unending faithfulness. May we marvel at the way you pursue us with this so relentlessly. May our gratitude and awe swell up into songs of praise. Lord, we know you as the… Read more Psalm 108

Uni interactions

Heavenly Father, thank you for the efforts that our student exec have made to get our group up and running. Thank you that the uni has been helpful in their interactions with us. May the practical things like room bookings for our Bible studies and events go smoothly. Lord, as a group we long grow… Read more Uni interactions