Psalm 119: Taw

Our gracious Lord , we cry out to you with a deep need to know you, with longing to understand your word. In your word we see your majestic nature and your wonderful salvation. You are the God who saves, so please deliver us from our weakness and sin. May the students at NTE know… Read more Psalm 119: Taw

Semester 2 update

Heavenly Father, you are a holy and awesome God and we cannot stand before you in our weakness, but you have revealed yourself through your word. Through your Spirit, give us eyes to see your majesty, your grace, your salvation, and give us hearts to cling onto you in faith. Hold onto us, Lord, through… Read more Semester 2 update

Psalm 119: Resh

Heavenly Father, please step into our situation to deliver us. We are weighed down by all kinds of suffering and need you to intervene and bring about life. In the midst of affliction we turn to you, knowing that your word restores us and fills our heart with your steadfast love. We know the depth… Read more Psalm 119: Resh

Hebrews 4:14 etc

Almighty God, we rejoice in Christ our saviour who stands as our great high priest. May we cling on to him as our true representative, truly man and not unable to sympathise with our weakness, but may we cling with great confidence because he is not beset with that weakness as we are, for he… Read more Hebrews 4:14 etc

Keep shaping me

Gracious Lord, please keep shaping me by your word. As I read and prepare to teach from your word, please open my eyes to behold wondrous things within it. Turn my heart from the worthless things I so often elevate and help me to treasure your grace to me in Christ, and let me feed… Read more Keep shaping me