New life

Heavenly Father, we rejoice in Christ our saviour, who rose with the promise of life for all who trust in him. Thank you that we who were once dead in our sin, can have eternal life soaking in your peace, forgiveness, and love. How incredible that death no longer has any sting, the grave has… Read more New life


Lord Jesus, how precious it is to have your forgiveness. We were sick and wasting away in our sin abut you came as the great doctor, compassionate and willing to heal us to the heart. Thank you that you came with authority to forgive and that you called sinners like us to yourself. Lord, we… Read more Forgiveness


Heavenly Father, thank you again for the opportunity to present Christ through the Mark Drama. Please help us as a cast to be able to rehearse well over the next few days. Please help us to manage with smaller numbers, may we all stay healthy and well. Please give us energy to get through the… Read more Rehearsals

Psalm 36

Heavenly Father, please forgive us for the times we flatter ourselves too much to detect or hate our sin. Please open our eyes to the reality of our hearts and give us wisdom to step off the sinful course. Please help us to know that your love, oh Lord, reaches to the heavens and that… Read more Psalm 36

Cast needs

Heavenly Father, thank you again for the great opportunity to show people the story of Jesus. We continue to ask you for all our casting needs. Please help us to find one more female cast fill-in to step into the role over the next day. Thank you for all our cast and their willingness to… Read more Cast needs

Your glory

God of the highest heaven. You are glorious above all things, our creator and sustainer, who has poured out yourself to us in grace, building with us a wonderful relationship of love and trust and self-sacrifice. So often though, we attribute your glory to the things that you have made. We make ourselves, and the… Read more Your glory