Col 1:11-14

Lord, as we read your word today please strengthen us with your power and according to your glorious might so that we might have endurance and joyful patience. Thank you that you have qualified us to share a glorious inheritance. At JCU, May you continue to deliver many from the domain of darkness in to… Read more Col 1:11-14

John 4:25-42

Lord, thank you that you have made yourself known to us. Though you are infinite and awesome, you became one of us, revealing yourself truly in Christ. We are so glad that this great king Jesus was not aloof but ate a spoke with sinners, for such were we also. Thank you that through your… Read more John 4:25-42


Heavenly Father, help me to pray and keep on praying that we will be filled with the knowledge of your will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding. Help us to dive into your word at Bible study tomorrow and see in there your grace and power. Through your word, please change us to love what… Read more Filling


Father thank you for the opportunity to meet several students and hear of their faith in Christ Jesus. May our love for one another grow and be obvious to those around us. May we be motivated by the hope laid up for us in heaven. Thank you for those who have come before, sharing the… Read more Connections

A place to stay

Father, thank you for providing us with a house to rent. Please help us now to be good tenants. Thank you so much for the hospitality of your people here in Cairns while we have been searching. Please grow in us the same generosity for others. Help us also to fix our eyes on the… Read more A place to stay

Dwelling place

Father in heaven, There are so many in NQ who have been flooded from their homes. Please pour your compassion on them and provide them with a place to rest and heal. May your church outdo herself in the kind of generosity and hospitality that can only be motivated by the gospel. Thank you that… Read more Dwelling place


Sovereign Lord, Our country is caught between fire and flood. We ask that you may temper both of these that we may have safety and stability. Please give comfort and refuge to those who have lost homes. And elsewhere, we ask that you might bring stability to Zimbabwe, a county currently stretched by economic and… Read more Stability