As I prepare

Father in heaven, please guide my thoughts as I prepare the for tomorrow’s Bible talk. Please help me to see the truth of the gospel and the impact it has on our hearts and actions. Please help me to speak faithfully of all that you have said and done and draw others to praise and… Read more As I prepare

Daily bread

Heavenly Father, thank you for the many provisions you give us day by day. Your grace to us in Christ abounds to overflowing. In him we have everything we need. With him we can learn to be content, facing times of plenty and times of hunger, we can do all things in him. Father please… Read more Daily bread

Bible talks

Heavenly Father, thank you for the people you have brought along to the Bible talks this semester. We ask that our time together will be full of moments that give glory to Christ. Mag there be times when our hearts are rebuked, when we repent, when we rejoice over your mercy to us, where we… Read more Bible talks

Growing in prayer

Heavenly Father, thank you that though you are utterly holy and beyond us, you have come near and made yourself known to us through Christ. How wonderful that this means we can be brought close, into the most holy place and serve you with joy as a son and father. Thank you that you bring… Read more Growing in prayer