Easter talks

Heavenly Father, please work through as we present our Easter Bible talks this week and next. We ask that those who have been invited will come along and hear of your mercy and grace to us. Please work through your Spirit to convict of son and point people to the salvation we have in Christ.… Read more Easter talks

Teach us

Heavenly Father, please teach us what we need to hear. Father, we want to be shaped more and more to be like Jesus. We long to know more if your grace and love. Help us to see your mighty works afresh and to give you glory for all that you have done. Please give us… Read more Teach us

Faith in Christ

Gracious Lord, thank you for pouring out grace on us who were once living outside your people. Thank you so much that you make us righteous through faith in Christ and not in the code of the law. We rejoice in the freedom we have to come from all different cultures and trust in him.… Read more Faith in Christ

Living for you

Heavenly Father, thank you for the way the gospel has impacted our life. Please keep drawing your little ones to yourself here in Cairns. May we live for you, and long to give you glory in all the things we do. Help us not to be driven by a desire to conform to the world… Read more Living for you

Bible talks

Heavenly Father, thank you that you speak to us through your word. Please help us to listen to you and soak it deep into our lives through the power of your Spirit. Thank you for the encouragement it has been to be meeting together with the students again this year, and we ask that you… Read more Bible talks