Getting better

Heavenly Father, thank you that we are all slowly beginning to shake off the sickness we have had recently. Lord, we can’t help but remember our frailty in times like these and recognise our absolute need of you. Please keep reminding us of these things and stir up our prayerfulness and our thanks for all… Read more Getting better

Last week of exams

Heavenly Father, please help our students to be able to keep persevering during the last week of study. Help them to fix their eyes on Christ as well as their exam papers throughout this time also. May they continue to set their value in what you have given to them rather than class results. Please… Read more Last week of exams


Heavenly Father, please help our students during the swot vac week to keep remembering your greatness. Please help them as they study to frequently lift their eyes and remember your wondrous works. May they know your faithfulness and the way you have led your people by the hand, even through the midst of your judgement.… Read more Swotvac