Trust during stress

Heavenly Father, please help the students here to keep trusting in you during the stress of exams and assignments. Help them to be diligent in their studies without being trapped by the alluring but fleeting promises of success. Keep them longing for and depending on your great promises in Christ. Build up an unshakable confidence… Read more Trust during stress

Ruth 4

Father, thank you that your redeemer was determined to secure an inheritance for your people regardless of how it might impair him. Thank you that your steadfast love was shown to your people through this redeemer and that those who were once counted dead have been given life. You have brought about restoration, peace and… Read more Ruth 4

Ps 119:Qoph

Heavenly Father, we need you to pour out your grace, we need you to step in and save that we may walk in your ways. We readily recognise our weakness and call to you for help, but we cry with hope in your powerful word. Our restless souls find confidence in your promise and your… Read more Ps 119:Qoph

Ruth 3

Heavenly Father, you have brought about our ultimate redemption through Christ, the most worthy one of all. We praise him as the one who stepped in for us and sought out redemption for us, appealing to you for our secure place under the shelter of your wings. We depend upon our Lord Jesus to be… Read more Ruth 3