Psalm 42

Lord, our souls long for you. Please grow our longing for you, for you provide us with true life, true joy. May we not settle for less than you. May we know you more and more as we see your character, your works, your promises in your word. Lord, we hope in you and praise… Read more Psalm 42

Face to face

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunity our group has to meet together again face to face. Please help us to make the most of our time at uni together. Keep us encouraging each other with your word and pointing each other to Christ. May we driven by the gospel rather than the approval of… Read more Face to face

Psalm 106

Heavenly Father, from the depth of our failure we cry out to you to keep holding onto us in your steadfast love. Lord, you are a faithful God who pursues your people despite their sinfulness. We know we are prone to worship things that are made rather than you our maker. We acknowledge our sin… Read more Psalm 106


Heavenly Father, our hearts long for true rest. We are so familiar with the burdens of care and worry that we so often drag around with us. We so often feel swamped by our sin, or weighed down by the brokenness of the world. Sometimes we think that we could only be far from you,… Read more Rest

Word focus

Heavenly Father, please help our group as we start out this semester to keep putting our confidence in your word. May we be taking every opportunity to listen to it and have it shape us. Keep us looking for ways to point our friends to the beauty of the gospel that we hear in it.… Read more Word focus