Humble hero

Father in heaven, thank you for Christ our great king, who took on such weakness and humility. Lord we look at his life and see our great shortcomings. How we are hopeless when it comes to being humble before you but instead how we have ignored you in so many ways, favouring our own plans… Read more Humble hero

Psalm 12

Heavenly Father, thank you that your words are pure, as though refined by fire seven times over. Thank you that in you there is no deceit and that you are entirely trustworthy. Lord, please help us to depend on you in all times of need. Help us to long for your justice and mercy to… Read more Psalm 12

Lecture recess

Heavenly Father, thank you for the chance our students have to be able to take a break from the usual schedule of lectures. Please help them to be able to rest well during this time and be able to catch up on work that needs to be done. Please help me to be able to… Read more Lecture recess

The cross

Heavenly Father, thank you of the opportunity that our students had at the Bible talks to reflect again on the cross of Christ and see the way our sins were taken away. We stand in the shoes of Barabbas, Lord, and know we stand condemned in your eyes. You see our heart and every rebellion… Read more The cross

Hot cross buns

Heavenly Father, thank you for the opportunities that we have at uni to be public and open about our group. As we give out hot cross buns tomorrow and Monday, please help us to have helpful conversations with people that help them to see the importance of Jesus. We pray that some new students may… Read more Hot cross buns