Meeting together

Father, thank you for the opportunity we have to meet without having to be physically present. Than you for the time we had as a group, hearing your word to us. Please keep us fixing our eyes on Christ and not spiralling into our own self-centredness. Help us to keep caring for each other and… Read more Meeting together

Isaiah 59-61

Lord our God, we know our weakness and sin, it multiplies before us. We turn from you and stumble and fall in our folly. Lord, we don’t try to cloak this but instead we admit it, knowing that we are helpless and in need of you. Father, please clothe us with the garments of salvation.… Read more Isaiah 59-61

Mark 2

Heavenly Father, please help us to see Christ in our Bible study today. Speak through your word to open our eyes to his magnificent claims to forgive sin. Help us to marvel and be stunned by this, but also delighted as we take notice of the great assurance we have in Christ. Help us to… Read more Mark 2

Depending on you

Heavenly Father, please help us to keep recognising our great need of you. Help us to be aware of our weakness but overwhelmed by your greatness and grace. You are the sovereign and creator of all. You give us life, and every good gift comes from you. Provide us with our daily needs and refresh… Read more Depending on you