Birth and almost birth

Gracious Lord, we cast ourselves on you for every need: our health, our livelihoods, our every breath. Though our feeble, sin wracked bodies will crumble, we know we find a mighty stronghold in you who are from everlasting to everlasting. May many find their true hope in you through the gospel of our saviour and king, Jesus. By your Spirit, may you give life to many, and mature us continuously for your glory.


I love the way we can serve each other through prayer. As always you can pray for us as I send out these emails, or you can dip in as you please to this blog site and pray along with me, or add your amen to my irregular posts.


Now for some other news. We have had a baby! Lucy Mae Lawrence. Born rather suddenly on 14 March without complication. Greatly loved by all the family and in as much need of God’s grace as any of us. We’re all just trying to readjust to life with a baby again (except for Erin who is enjoying this for the first time… and claiming that the baby came out of her tummy, not Mum’s!).

Heavenly Father, may you pour out your grace on Lucy. Please help her to grow up hearing of your great love through the Lord Jesus. May she come to know you as her Father and relish being your child.

Almost birth

It has been really encouraging to see God answering this prayer from last month. He has been providing us with everything we need to become an official club on campus this year. We are almost there! We have had an increase in the number of students committed to our group which has given us the groundswell we need to get this process happening. We’ve established a student executive and drafted up our constitution and other required paperwork. All we needed was our inaugural AGM and we would have been off the ground. Now (cough, cough) we have to postpone that meeting and figure out if we can make it happen online. Affiliating as a club means we would be able to be clear to the uni about what our group is on about (a great chance for the students to own the mission of proclaiming Christ at Uni); be more visible to new students; establish a good relationship with the Student Association (they want us to affiliate); apply for grants; and officially join AFES.

Father, thank you for providing us with the momentum that we needed to begin the process of affiliation. Please help us to be clear to the uni about our desire to point people to Jesus regardless of our status as a group. Please help us to keep working towards this goal as our circumstances change.


I’ve been thanking God for our partnership in the gospel with our Townsville brothers and sisters especially. It has been good for our group to lean on them a bit over the past years and especially the first few weeks of this semester when we were trying to book rooms for various gatherings (one of the other benefits of becoming an affiliated group is that we can do this ourselves with more ease). Our Cairns guys were able to join in again for the Kick-off Camp a two weekends ago. I couldn’t go because Wendy was having the baby but it was really encouraging to see two of our group head down and come back enthused for the semester ahead.

Format changes

For some reason (cough cough) our students are working mostly from home of late. As a result I’ve decided to match them at their game and do the same. We’re planning to hold our first Zoom Bible study this Thursday and if that works ok we’ll attempt to do a couple of other things like that as well, such as an online AGM. Our students have had most of their assessment bumped into next semester, which doesn’t sound fun, and the 5th year dentists basically have their year of practical placement completely scuttled. I’m glad to be sharing this time with them and reminding them of our unshakable hope in the gospel.

Heavenly Father, please keep our eyes fixed on the glorious gospel of Christ when we are so tempted to focus only on ourselves. May our group keep finding ways to encourage each other in Christ, even when we are distant physically. May we grow in our works of faith, our labour of love, and our steadfastness of hope.


Thanks for reading through and spending some time in prayer for us amid the tsunami of other info at the moment. Will endeavour to update you all again soon.

Much love, the Lawrences

8 thoughts on “Birth and almost birth

    1. Thanks Kate! Was planning on getting down to Bris and QTC for Carson’s Revelation intensive but alas! Might just have to run into all you guys some other time.

  1. Congratulations Wendy and Lloyd on your new little girl Lucy. A lovely photo of Brin and Erin with her. Hope ll is well with you Wendy. May God continue to watch over your family and your professional role in Cairns LLoyd. Stay healthy.

    1. Thanks Lorraine. All is well so far. You stay healthy too alright! Missing all you guys at this time. Much love.

  2. Hi Lawrences. wonderful news and news letter! So thankful to our gracious God for all His continued to goodness to you in your part of the world.
    Praying for continued connections, and developing relationships within the Uni Student Groups etc.

  3. Congratulations 🥳 Wendy and Lloyd on your new baby 👶. She looks beautiful. So please to hear of all the wonderful developments of your ministry. It’s wonderful to do your zoom bible study. It’s going to be a great 👍 intermit time that the Lord will bless. Where there’s two or three that meet in his name He commands a blessing. God bless you always Robyn and Terry O’Sullivan

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