Lord, we cry hosanna to the son of David. Thank you for sending your promised king. Thank you that he is so much more than we ever expected, not only the great king but our saviour from sin. Lord, we were completely unworthy and set in our own ways, consumed with our own selves, like… Read more Hosanna

Your generosity

Heavenly Father, thank you that you have poured out your grace on us. You have brought us in to your great work of salvation, pursuing and finding us, thought we had set ourselves far off. You have given to us so generously, giving us Christ our good shepherd, to lead us, provide for us, and… Read more Your generosity

Kid’s ministry

Heavenly Father, thank you that little children can look to you, the almighty God, and call you their loving father. Thank you for the little ones you have brought along to church. Please help us to teach and disciple them well tomorrow, and throughout their lives. Help us to be faithful to your word and… Read more Kid’s ministry


Heavenly Father, thank you that you already know all the students who are planning to start this year. Thank you that your plans have been set in place since before the world, and that they centre on Christ. Lord, please help us as we plan this semester, and especially the approaching Oweek. May all our… Read more Planning

Saved slaves

Heavenly Father, once we were in the pit of slavery to sin. We were entirely without resources to gain any good or to find life. Our lives were a thin veneer about to crumble at any time. Father, thank you that you saved us from this state. We cling to your promise that was from… Read more Saved slaves