Rom 4:1

Heavenly Father, thank you that we have been made righteous simply through faith. Lord, we ask that this year you may credit this perfect righteousness to some who are yet to know about Christ. Please grant faith to some who once saw their own performance as their only hope. Please cause some to know Christ… Read more Rom 4:1


Heavenly Father, thank you for the team of students we have ready to lead our group this year. Please help us to be able to plan well for the year ahead and to fix our goals on gospel. Please help us to grow in love for those around us and spur us on to keep… Read more Planning

Rom 3:27

Heavenly Father, please remove our boasting before you in our own achievements. Lord, when we see you clearly and know that you are truly holy, we recognise hoy foolish our boasting is and how pervasive our sin. Thank you for Christ who is our only real righteousness. Please implant us in him and remove from… Read more Rom 3:27

Rom 3:23-24

Heavenly Father, how far short we fall of your glory! Lord, if we just stop and look closely at ourselves we see the great weakness in us and our tendency towards sin. Even more than an inclination towards sin, we see it bubble up from within us. Without you we breed sin in our hearts.… Read more Rom 3:23-24

Rom 2:17-29

Heavenly Father, when we look at your law we know we stand condemned. So often we might blinker our eyes to sin, being inwardly satisfied with ourselves for not doing this or that but fail to look at our hearts. Lord, please help us to look at our hearts and see the deep need of… Read more Rom 2:17-29

QLD staff meeting

Heavenly Father, thank you that here in Cairns we are not working in isolation but that we are partners together with so many others. Thank you for the many who pray, give, and encourage the work here at JCU. Thank you also that there are many other staff workers across the state who work hard… Read more QLD staff meeting


Heavenly Father, thank you for times of rest and relaxation. That you for the break we have been able to have over Christmas remembering the wonder of how you stepped into our world in humility and weakness. Lord, we marvel that though you are the almighty God and creator of all things, you continued to… Read more Rest