Rom 3:23-24

Heavenly Father, how far short we fall of your glory! Lord, if we just stop and look closely at ourselves we see the great weakness in us and our tendency towards sin. Even more than an inclination towards sin, we see it bubble up from within us. Without you we breed sin in our hearts. Please cleanse us Lord. In light of our heart, it is such a great comfort that your righteousness is through faith in Jesus and that we are justified freely by your grace through Christ Jesus. Thank you, Father, that falling on Christ in trustfulness we are truly saved from all sin. Thank you also that you have given us your Spirit as a guarantee of this and that he is at work even in our brokenness and sin to transform us now, making us what we truly are in Christ, and what we will be shown to be when he appears in glory. Please keep stirring up our ongoing repentance as we see sin, turn from it, and depending on you to heal and forgive.


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