Deut 10ish

Heavenly Father, please help us to love you and listen to you. Tomorrow as we meet together as your people may we be reminded of how you are the God who owns the highest heaven, yet our beautiful saviour who poured our your love on rebels like us. May we sing of your might, and… Read more Deut 10ish

End of semester

Heavenly Father, thank you for the challenges we have had over this semester as we have dug into your word at Bible study. Please keep reminding us of the gospel and the bigger picture of what you are doing through Christ, especially at this end of semester. As uni becomes more stressful in these last… Read more End of semester

Phil 4

Heavenly Father, the fleeting troubles of this world often seem so looming and large to us. Please help us to rejoice in the midst of these. Open our eyes to your love and provision that you have ultimately poured out through Jesus. Help us to see the glory of our salvation in Christ and the… Read more Phil 4

For church

Echoing this prayer from the Ligonier Ministries website today. Heavenly Father, please give us an abiding delight in your word. Cause us always to hunger for the truth while ever being satisfied with the truth. Lord, make our church a Bible saturated church. Please make us a church that is thankful to you. May your… Read more For church

Phil 4

Heavenly Father, please help our students to see your goodness in the light of anxiety. Please help them to see that, in the Lord Jesus, we have so much to rejoice. Remind them that you are near, Lord, so near that you, in fact, dwell among us – our bodies as your holy temple. Remind… Read more Phil 4

Citizens of heaven

Heavenly Father, please help us to see that the gospel has reshaped our identity. In Christ we are now citizens of heaven. Please help our students to see themselves as international students studying in Australia, and recognise that this is not their true home. May their hope be in your heavenly home, that you will… Read more Citizens of heaven