Phil 4

Heavenly Father, please help our students to see your goodness in the light of anxiety. Please help them to see that, in the Lord Jesus, we have so much to rejoice. Remind them that you are near, Lord, so near that you, in fact, dwell among us – our bodies as your holy temple. Remind them that your coming is near to us also, that the sin marred world we pass through now will not be broken forever, but will be made anew. Help them to pray instead of fret, casting their worries upon you and leaning on your promises that you have brought about, and will carry though to the end in the Lord Jesus. Help us to think about the grace that you pour out on our world even now – all the good things that you have given us. May we delight in these and look forward to the day when these will be the norm for life in your new creation.


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