For church

Echoing this prayer from the Ligonier Ministries website today.

Heavenly Father, please give us an abiding delight in your word. Cause us always to hunger for the truth while ever being satisfied with the truth. Lord, make our church a Bible saturated church. Please make us a church that is thankful to you. May your worth and work captivate our hearts, minds, and wills so that circumstances are transcended by the fact that you are for us in Christ. Please strengthen in us the gospel. Make us more and more impressed with Christ this very day. Cause us to grow in the gospel and walk in a manner worthy of it. Please cause us to prize holiness and pursue it. Please strengthen us to endure in striving for it. Lord, you are one God in three persons. There is such a loving happy unity in the trinity. Please unite us all in Christ, that we may know this happiness and be bound together in love.


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