Desire to pray

Heavenly Father, please reshape the desires of the students and myself in light of the gospel. Move our hearts to cherish the work of Christ in saving us from the disaster of sin, and restoring us to life in abundance with you. Stir in us a heart of longing to see others brought into your… Read more Desire to pray

Isaiah 6

Gracious Lord, you are infinitely above all things, may we know your majesty and consider your glory that fills the whole earth. To you the angels cry, “Holy, holy, holy,” and we cry, “We are ruined.” We so obviously fall far short of your glory but instead are loaded up with sin. Make us humble… Read more Isaiah 6

Prepare me

Heavenly Father, please prepare my heart for the year ahead. May I lean on the strength that you provide and not on my own endeavours. May your Spirit teach me to pray and long for the things that you desire. Refine my heart, that I may find my satisfaction in you, rejoicing in your love,… Read more Prepare me

Shift our gaze

Gracious LORD, please raise our eyes from the limited things around us to that which is wonderful. Shift our gaze to you. Please show us your nature – your goodness and beauty; your power and unparalleled glory. Let those things that trouble us day by day seem fleeting and tiny compared to your infinite majesty… Read more Shift our gaze


Heavenly Father, thank you for tiredness and rest. Remind me often of the most obvious fact that you are God and I am not. May weariness impress upon me my limitations and cause me to marvel at your infinite power. May I rest gladly, knowing that your work continues through the night. Please refresh me… Read more Rest

Heading back

Gracious Lord, thank you for the rest you have given us over the Christmas holidays. Thank you for the encouragement we have received from many friends and family, and the reminders from your word of your continued grace to us. Please keep nourishing and refreshing us as we head back to work soon. Please give… Read more Heading back

Kids camp day 4

Heavenly Father, please help the children in this camp to see the beauty of Jesus. Please work through your word by your Spirit to transform us all, shaping us into Christ’s likeness. May the children see how good it is to be brought back into your presence, holy and blameless. May they rejoice in Jesus,… Read more Kids camp day 4

Camp day 3

Gracious Lord, please keep our heads clear as the week begins to wear us down. Remind us of the goodness of the gospel and let it sink deep into our hearts to transform every area of our life. May we tire graciously and rest well, seeking to give you glory in everything. Please keep working… Read more Camp day 3