Dwelling place

Father in heaven,

There are so many in NQ who have been flooded from their homes. Please pour your compassion on them and provide them with a place to rest and heal. May your church outdo herself in the kind of generosity and hospitality that can only be motivated by the gospel. Thank you that we may make you, the Most High, our dwelling place, and that here we have an unshakable refuge from eternal judgement. Here we can be glad, knowing that you will show us your salvation. Thank you that we have seen your salvation realised in the cross of Christ and his deliverance from the grave. He cried to you and you answered him; you were with him and rescued him; you gave him honour and life. And all this we may share in him. We praise you, our generous Father. Please help us to take comfort in you, our dewelling place, as we continue to look for a house in Cairns.


Psalm 91

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