Post camp

Heavenly Father, thank you that we were able to listen to your word at Kick-off Camp. Please shape us through it. May we draw near to you through Christ knowing that you have come to dwell with us. The great enemy of sin has been defeated, the mountain has been thrown into the sea, and now we may come freely to you through Christ. Please make us more like him. Make us genuine in our worship of you, not in the outward show of religion, but from a heart that loves you. May we cherish Christ all the more dearly. Help us to be people waiting for Christ’s return. Keep our thoughts fixed on the end, being reminded by every tribulation that this broken world will not just keep going as it always does but that the end will come and all things will be made new in Christ. Keep us longing for that day and living out our lives to that end, with all the strength that you supply by your grace.


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