Ps 19b

Lord of creation, thank you that we can also know you through your word. In it we see you: the renewer of life; the faithful one; the wise, righteous, radiant, pure, everlasting one. Lord, please refine our palate to crave your word that we might taste and see that you are good. Help us also to look in your word as though in a mirror and see that we have missed your good mark; that we may see the lurking deceitfulness of our sin; that we may see our proud rebelliousness. May we see it and fear, and grieve, and look yet again in your word and see your abundant mercy, forgiveness, and righteousness given as a gracious gift. This you promised from long ages past and brought to fulfilment through your Word, your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. We huddle into him and cry out with confidence and joy, “May our words and thoughts be acceptable to you today.”


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