Psalm 19a

Our friends and fellow gospel workers, the Birchley’s, are back from PNG for a while. It was great to hear Keith preach on Psalm 19. Here is the 1st of some reflective prayers from the passage.

Our awesome God, we have but to look up and see the unparalleled spender of your handiwork pointing to the greatness of who you are. Lord, how often our worship falls far short, for our eyes look so low; so inward. We shrivel up in our selfishness and pride. Forgive us Lord, for the many times that we strive for our own glory and revel in the feeble life that it brings. Please help us to behold you – to marvel in awe! Your works are intricate and beautiful; you bring order from chaos; your sovereign care is faithful and full of love. May your wonderful works bring us to you in thankfulness, and marvel at you our great creator.


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