Pointing to Christ

Heavenly Father, please remind us here in our group at JCU of the momentous news of Jesus. May the news that he is Lord sink deep into our hearts and cause us to repent and believe the gospel. May we delight in his lordship, seeing that there is truly no king like him, who loves, serves, and saves his people, making them children and heirs of your kingdom. Lord cause us to hold fast to Christ all our days. Please give us your love so that we may yearn to see our friends and neighbours come to know you also. Please help us to live with our new selves on our sleeves, that our hope may be evident to all and that our love for you would overflow into our everyday conversations. Help us to always be ready to give an account for the hope that we have in Christ. May we keep pointing to Christ while at uni so that more and more may come to love and serve him.

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