Resting in Christ

Heavenly Father, please give us rest. We know we are finite and failing creatures and you alone are able to hold this world together, you alone are able to provide salvation. We are so often weighed down or tangled by sin and strive to lift ourselves out through our own invention and effort. Please turn our eyes away from ourselves and on to Christ. Help us to pause and see his perfect righteousness; his beautiful and abundant love; his faithfulness and wisdom. Help us to rest in Christ knowing that he is able to save, that we are able to uncover our sin, and ask for forgiveness and the work of your Spirit to change us. Lord, please refresh us in Christ, restore our brokenness, lift us out of sorrow, or affliction to bask once again in your love for us in Christ. Fill our minds with the sure promises of your word, may we taste again the sweetness of the hope we have in Christ and find comfort and joy.


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