Spurning the glorious God

In our Bible study group on campus we looked at the second half of Romans 1, and having been brought low with a picture of the darkness of our hearts without God, this is our prayer:

Merciful God, we know you are utterly powerful and beyond us in your divinity. You are our great creator and we your creatures. We need only look around us and have ample resources to meditate on your wondrous works. Yet we spurned you, the one and only God and ascribed your power to another – creation itself, or even ourselves. We refused to acknowledge you, shading our eyes to the splendour of your glory though your light blazes around. Lord, save your creatures from the disaster of our stupidity. Father, thank you for the forgiveness of our covetousness, malice, gossiping, deceit, faithlessness and heartlessness, that only came through Christ. By your Spirit, open our eyes to your beauty that we may worship you truly.


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